Halloween Costume Fun

Halloween – It’s always been my favorite holiday. What can I say? I get a kick out of being someone (or something!) else for a moment in time and love being creative with the concept. Coming up with a Halloween costume primarily out of things already in my closet checks a lot of boxes for me… I get to dust off some things I may not have worn in a while, put all my creative juices to work, and do my best to truly disguise my appearance.

Rock Star Costume
Rock Star Costume

I admit, I’ve had a lot of fun with this, thanks to the reactions and shock value. The hardest thing for me is staying in character. Anyone who knows me knows I have no poker face. April Fool’s Day is a total bust for me; I just can’t keep a straight face trying to prank someone. At least with Halloween, I get a shot, thanks to the disguise.

The (First) Biker Dude Experience

The first time I dressed as a biker dude, I worked in a corporate environment in a multi-story building with a variety of businesses. As I stepped into the elevator Halloween morning on my way in, others going up decided to wait for the next car! And that costume was mostly out of my closet – the chaps, the jeans, the Harley shirt, the leather vest, the bandanna, the sunglasses. I used a tiny throw pillow from my living room, attached on my front with an Ace bandage, to create a ‘beer belly’ and draw attention away from my chest.

The piece de resistance was the goatee with sideburns. That was from a last-minute stop the night before to see what I could find at the corner pharmacy. And what a find I found! A furry spider decoration that resembled real hair and had long furry legs. After removing the styrofoam insert from the body, it was a perfect pocket of hair to slip on my chin. The legs were bendable and reached up to my ears, creating the sideburns. Totally lucked out in a way that made it even more memorable (for me and everyone else)!

Anyway, here’s a smorgasbord of my creations over the years… Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Halloween Costumes in the Closet

If you’re trying to figure out your Halloween costume, check your closet! The key pieces you need might already be there. Add a few simple accessories, and presto! Try repurposing old costumes and accessories a time (or three!) by adding a new twist (wig?). If you can see it, you can be it!

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