Fully Human (poetry/spoken word)

I was recently inspired to pick up my long-neglected ‘poet’s pen’ and out the words to Fully Human flowed — a reaction to the current angry state of the world. A world where manmade constructs designed to divide us, like labels and polarity, are promoted by those who depend on this division to amass power, grow rich, manipulate reality, and exert control over others.

Two different versions of Fully Human have since emerged. I would love your feedback on either or both (and your preference, if you have one).

#BetterWorld #WorldWithoutLabels #HeartCentered #CommonGround #compassion #human #acceptance #respect

Fully Human (full version)
Fully Human (abridged version)
Fully Human_Heart Mightier than Mind
Fully Human (text, both versions)

As a solution to what ails the world, I would like to propose that we all adopt what I call a ‘multiverse’ mindset that allows us to:

  • Shift the way we perceive situations and people to be more positive
  • Observe situations from a variety of perspectives to get a glimpse into what others ‘see’ and find a basis for connection
  • Free ourselves from hurt, anger, resentment, and/or trauma related to things in our past
  • Approach the world with curiosity and compassion (rather than fear or judgment)
  • Cherish the similarities and honor the differences of those we encounter as we move through life
  • Learn to observe our own actions and reactions more objectively and alter them accordingly
  • Are every bit as kind and compassionate with ourselves as we are with our loved ones
  • Move past unwarranted feelings of guilt and shame and embrace being human
  • Focus on being our best selves and living our best life in the here and now

These are relatively simple things to do, but that does NOT mean it’s easy! And that’s where I can help as your Curiosity Coach & Mindset Mentor.  

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