Multiverse Mindset


Multiverse: a theoretical collection of identical or diverse universes, including our own, composed of multiple alternate dimensions and different timelines, outcomes, and/or perspectives.

Mindset: a way of thinking, a perspective, a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and influence how you think, feel, and behave in any given situation.

  • Are you feeling stuck in a rut in some aspect of your world or life in general?  
  • Are you struggling to let go of anger, hurt, or resentment over a situation or relationship? 
  • Are your relationships with family or friends uncomfortable because you don’t see eye-to eye?  
  • Do you feel like the world is out to get you or like certain people exist just to make your life difficult?   
  • Do you find yourself numbing your feelings with addictive behaviors like alcohol, drugs, or even shopping, to escape and avoid the current reality?  
  • Do you feel set in your ways or find yourself saying, “That’s just how I am?”  

Pause there for just a moment… Is that true? Or can you change? And can it be as simple as changing your thoughts or, in other words, your mindset?  

What if you could create a smoother ride for yourself, even though the details of the situations you face remain unchanged? What if there were a way to shift your mindset to perceive reality through an alternate, more productive lens? That’s what I mean by a ‘multiverse mindset’!

Imagine an existence in which you:  

  • Shift the way you perceive situations and people to be more positive 
  • Observe situations from a variety of perspectives to get a glimpse into what others ‘see’ and find a basis for connection   
  • Free yourself from hurt, anger, resentment, and/or trauma related to things in your past  
  • Approach the world with curiosity and compassion (rather than fear or judgment)
  • Cherish the similarities and honor the differences of those you encounter as you move through life   
  • Learn to observe your own actions and reactions more objectively and alter them accordingly 
  • Are every bit as kind and compassionate with yourself as you are with your loved ones  
  • Move past unwarranted feelings of guilt and shame and embrace being human  
  • Focus on being your best self and living your best life in the here and now  

These are relatively simple things to do, but that does NOT mean it’s easy! And that’s where I can help you find your multiverse mindset.  

I can act as your curious and compassionate observer and offer alternative perspectives you may not be able to pick up on or acknowledge. I am here to encourage you, support you, and even call you out when needed, with compassion and without judgment.  

Bottom line, I can’t tell you the ‘right’ thing to do (that varies by person) and won’t tell you what I would do (because that’s irrelevant to you). What I can and will do is ask the questions, even the hard questions, that will help guide you to the right move for you. I can and will help you work through situations that trouble you or trigger you or confuse you, to help you explore other ways of seeing and interpreting the situation.  

Consider me a guide on your journey into a multiverse mindset, as you explore the many different perspectives and alternatives available to you.  

I’ll be posting more information here soon. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me at if you’re interested in harnessing your multiverse mindset.

This poem will give you a little insight into mine…

Fully Human (full version) by Michele L. Rousseau