What do former clients/customers and employers have to say about the Creative Wild Card (AKA Michele L. Rousseau)?

Michele is the most skilled and consistently solid contributor to the success of our team.

Al Thomas, Senior Director AR&D, Aristocrat Technologies

Thanks for doing an amazing job of coordinating the employee tournament… I have to give an individual shout-out to you because I’ve heard from multiple people that the employee tournament was one of the best corporate events they’ve been part of. Well done.

Al Thomas, Senior Director AR&D, Aristocrat Technologies

In the last 6 months, Michele has been instrumental in assisting the IP legal team in procuring and protecting technology developed by AR&D. Because of Michele’s dedication, initiative, attention to detail, industry knowledge, and ability to condense complex issues into easy-to-understand concepts, the IP team was able to create a proactive patent acquisition process that drastically differs from other studios. The end result is that IP legal is in a much better position to identify valuable ideas, implement early redesigns to avoid competitors’ patents, and streamline the work flow for the patent procurement process. This also allows for AR&D’s IP filings to cover critical/necessary aspects of a product such that if a competitor would like to copy Aristocrat’s technology, a competitor would violate Aristocrat’s IP. Moreover, this strategy also prevents third parties from stealing AR&D’s idea and/or beating Aristocrat to the punch in protecting industry relevant technology. Michele’s cross-functional/studio/department collaboration efforts have also facilitated the creation of a symbiotic/synergistic relationship between AR&D and the IP legal team. (As a result), AR&D went from zero invention disclosure forms pending in the patent portal to over 18 pending within a six-month time frame. Each IDF starts and continues with Michele’s initiative, and thus she is the key driver in ensuring that all technology developed by AR&D is protected. Michele’s collective brilliance ultimately impacts business decisions that could potentially save Aristocrat millions of dollars in legal and royalty fees, assists with laying the groundwork for allowing the IP team to identify relevant IP assets to purchase (purchase price can be in the millions of dollars), and saves production time/costs associated with performing significant rework or design changes for a project.

Ray Chung, Patent Attorney, Aristocrat Technologies

Michele is tasked with significant amounts of wide-ranging activities with varying levels of effort and attention to detail required; in all cases, she brings an outstanding work ethic and consistently completes her tasks effectively and efficiently, accomplishing far more than would typically be expected from one employee. She does an outstanding job of anticipating issues before they arise; after issues do come up Michele is relentless in pursuit of solutions. Her organizational and communication skills combined with a genuine concern for the quality and deliverability of our products, not to mention a spirit of teamwork, all help to make her a critical component for the success of our department and the company as a whole. Her willingness and ability to take on a wide range of responsibilities has been key to the success of the LV Development department.

It takes a special kind of person to put up with all us crazies in the department and still manage to keep track of everything that we are doing, document and communicate that to others as needed, and THEN continue on with the myriad other job responsibilities that more than fill her work days. So, a big THANK YOU to Michele for everything you do for us — your constant contributions and AWESOME hard work are absolutely critical to the success of our team!

David Wright, Senior Director of Specialty Games (former), AGS, LLC

Over the years I have worked with Michele as a contractor and as a peer in several companies. Michele is one of the most organized and efficient people I know. Whenever she is thrown into a situation she either leads the way or is one of the stronger members of the team making things happen. She is always willing to help and coach others along the way. She brings out the best in people because she leads by example. Every project that I have worked on with her has been a success and I attribute that mostly to her “failure is not an option” attitude. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great employee.

Eric Mortenson, Assistant VP Threat Prevention Architecture, Bank of America

In her publishing capacity, Ms. Rousseau has demonstrated a superior expertise for editing, proofreading, creative design and marketing. In the political area, Ms. Rousseau developed, in just a few hours, a complex political Web site and has created numerous political brochures—from concept to the final, printer-ready computer file. Ms. Rousseau has a high degree of creativity, yet she is accurate and meticulous – two qualities seldom found in one individual. I am consistently awed by Ms. Rousseau’s diversity and knowledge of computers. I’m sure she has indicated her capabilities on her resume. Believe that she is not exaggerating.

Nevada State Assemblyman (former) Harry Mortenson

    • You ROCK, Michele! Thank you for such a detailed eye…I believe your ‘eye for detail’ has really impressed Carol Ann (the main gal at Highlights). Again, Thank You
    • You’re the best ‘response’ person I’ve ever read.
    • You’re amazing on how you notice the tiniest of things!
    • Thank You for this email. You are a super investigator.
    • Thank you for being so proactive…really makes TME special. I brag about you and this ability of yours all the time.
    • There are all those ‘automated’ things, but nothing is like you and your monthly input, and especially your initial investigation of one’s product which allows you to come up with what is now over 650 search terms and phrases (for us).

Gordon Murphy, Co-Founder, (various e-mails)

    • Thank you so much for ALL of your extra push in getting this going! Without your expertise and time, SOLTS (private-label site) would not work!
    • You are definitely awesome at customer support! I have received SOOO many compliments about you. Even when I go to conferences and people say that they already have a membership, they comment about the letters they get from you and how helpful you are! Thank you so much for adding such value to our team.
    • Michele, I want you to know that I really appreciate what you do. You are so thorough! I am glad you’re aboard our team.
    • You are such an asset to TME! Thank you for your dedication and hard work!
    • Awesome input Michele! Thank you for paying attention to such detail!

Diann DeRock-Doucette, Co-Founder, (various e-mails)

Michele’s broad business background and big picture approach have been helpful for allowing the professional staff to focus on technical aspects. Instead of copying what other firms do, she develops a customized solution that takes into consideration the specific needs we have. We are impressed by her entrepreneurial leadership and ability to efficiently complete projects. 

Brian Woodward, PE, President, Fire Safety Engineers, Inc.

I spoke with Cort (owner) and told him what a great help you are to me. He said that you are a real asset to NCH. Most of the other managers are not aware of the importance of a project like the one you completed. I just wanted to give you a BIG THANK YOU.

Mark Del Guercio, Financial Planning/Structuring Consultant, Nevada Corporate Headquarters

Michele’s skillful craftsmanship is evident on every page of the book, as she was the person solely responsible for editing this work. I have told her before, and will tell her here, that this book would not be what it is today without her assistance. She gave her heart and soul, and I am grateful.

Gala Gorman, CPA/CFP, Author of What Would the Sage Do Now? and Create A Great Life!

Michele demonstrates a clear understanding of what it takes to be an effective facilitator for working adults. She is outstanding in her ability to combine theory and practice to make her subject matter relevant to (others). In her commitment, Michele is always well prepared and well organized.

Charlotte Bentley, Ph.D., Campus Director, Regis University Las Vegas Campus

Michele possesses exceptional analytical and communication skills. She is a customer-driven professional: attentive to quality work, timeliness, and customer satisfaction. Her customers receive practical recommendations and well-researched supportive documents and referrals.

Michelle Sayers, Field Operations Manager, Michigan Modernization Service, State of Michigan

Michele has proven to be a great asset as she can provide very detailed, accurate information and has the ability to analyze the data to make specific recommendations. Michele works effectively with top management of many companies and presents her recommendations in a persuasive and compelling manner. She is extremely conscientious, and I could rest assured she would complete all contractual work in a timely manner.

Gery Giltinan, Market Analysis Manager, Michigan Modernization Service, State of Michigan

Michele has displayed the capacity to meet a demanding and stressful job requirement; the willingness to improve upon the effectiveness of her position, recommending solid business refinements to process inefficiencies; the capability to methodically attack problems encountered; and the ability to maintain the necessary team spirit within an organization. Intelligence, responsiveness, decision-making, perseverance, tolerance, and interpersonal skills were necessary to accomplish our mission.

Leroy D. Frizzell, Manager, Federal-Mogul Corporation

Michele deals with all levels of management and has an excellent rapport with peers and customers. I feel Michele’s most valuable (trait) is her dedication to perfection.

Jim Adams, Senior Analyst, Federal-Mogul Corporation