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Here I lay out my ideas for living a better life, both personally and globally, based on my focused personal journey of healing and growth and the wisdom I’ve gained.

Advice to My 29-year-old Self

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In The Atlantic‘s daily newsletter on June 28, 2023, writer Elaine Godfrey, nearing her 30th birthday asked for advice from newsletter readers. It was perfect timing for a response from me. I’ve spent most of my life doing what I…

Vision for Education


A paradigm shift is desperately needed in education. Over the years, influential people* have pointed out that a standard educational curriculum designed to accommodate the Industrial Revolution no longer serves our students or society well. Yet here we are in…

We Are Better Than This

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My heart hurts at the vitriol I am seeing spewed online surrounding #BlackLivesMatter and the recent protest movement, from NextDoor to Facebook to LinkedIn (seen in replies to a post by my alma mater, Michigan State University). My head pounds…